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a letter of application for a student loan

october 14, 2007

to whom it may concern,i am writing to you to apply for a student a freshman from the

english department, i have much financial difficulty in continuing my

are five members in my father is the only breadwinner

of the whole family while my mother was laid off two years

grandmother has been suffering a chronic illne for more than five younger brother is now studying in a high school.i took part-time jobs

during the summer vacation, but what i have earned is far from enough for

me to pay the required tuition order to continue my study, i have

to apply for a student my request is granted, i will make good use of the money and put my

heart into study.i will definitely pay back the loan according to the

requirements.i hope that you will consider my g forward to your sincerely,gao peng





on stre 面对压力

with the fast pace of modern life, more and more people are living under

great people are afraid of think that the strees and

strains of work deprive them of joy and their view, stre

does harm to them both physically and is why they prefer

something le competitive and strenuous to something more demanding and

argue that stre isnt as bad as it often supposed to

it is overwhelming, a certain amount of stre is vital to provide

motivation and t stre, you may slack off and idle

away your gives purpose and meaning to an otherwise meaningle,dull under stre tend to bring their potential into full

play and to realize their my opinion, we shouldnt escape from stre but to face it as it we can do is to adapt to the stre and to profit from it rather than

to avoid it.九、1.人的一生中,可能会遇到一些灾难事件,给我们的生活带来意外的打击。



on disasters 面对灾难

as we all know, one’s life is full of unexpected events, some of which

are wonderful and some of which are heavy blows, such

as, floods, snowstorms, and earthquakes, threaten to weigh one r, it’s even worse if one can’t drag himself out of the grief in

that break-down in the sprit is more serious than the disaster d of indulging oneself in sadne, one should be positive of life

and contribute to the reconstruction of the to me, if i am not the victim of a disaster, i will try my best to

help those who are suffering by donation blood or i am a victim,i will try my best to recover from the sadne as soon as poible and try

to be strong and supportive to the recovery work..十、在得知四川大地震的消息之后,你决定给灾区写一封慰问信,主要内容包括:





参考词汇:捐款 make a donation to 参考范文:

dear friends,i’m awfully sorry to hear that a horrible and severe earthquake

unexpectedly hit your with such a rarely-seen disaster, you remain so calm and

strong-willed that we are all moved to tears.a friend in need is a friend

ng about your present situation, we can not wait a minute to

make every bit of our effort to help you.i expre my most sincere pity

and care for s, i make a donation of 500 yuan to you, expecting

that it can help you go through the difficulty.a better hometown can be ore, never give up whatever

er we won’t be far away when you need any help!





volunteer teaching in the west

every year, college students are inspired to help students with their

study in underdeveloped areas in have been trying their best

to impart knowledge and offering help to those students who are so eager to volunteer practice has been beneficial in two one hand,college volunteers are really devoted to the have opened the

eyes of students in underdeveloped regions to the outside world by

bringing them new knowledge and a result, they are extremely

welcome and respected by the children the other hand, college

students have received a rigorous training by adapting to the harsh living

are learning how to deal with difficulties and face

challenges as ’s more, by any means, this volunteer experience

will be always a valuable aet in his or her my opinion, every chinese citizen is responsible for the development

of education in we college students should take the lead in

response to the appeal for offering aid to children in poor areas.十



directions: study the following graphs carefully and write an eay in

at least 150 eay should cover these of the country’s growing human population in its wildlife

reasons for the effect

suggestion for wildlife protection(15 points)

【参考范文】 the ups and downs of population growth

as is seen from the two graphs, it is clear that with the rapid growth

of tion from 1800 to 1990, the number of its wildlife species

no longer existing soared during the same lly, we can draw

the conclusion that the sharp decline of wildlife species resulted from

the population reasons may account for this begin with, as the

population grows, people consume much more natural resources, which often

leads to exceive , with the increase of human activities,modern people take up more and more space, which has a great impact on

other y, the problem of pollution becomes more and more

serious with the development of modern and more animals

have to adapt themselves to the decaying environment or move to a totally

different place, but not all of them are fortunate enough to survive the

g this problem calls for, above all, the government’s efforts to

control population growth, to decrease industrial pollution and to enhance

the laws to forbid wildlife er, common citizens should be

aware of this ecological crisis and take on the responsibility of wildlife

a word, only when the government and the common people make

joint e f forts can we hope to find a satisfactory solution to this










china earthquake contributionswritten proposal

all chinese students studying in australia students

may 12, 2008 at 2:28 p.m., in wenchuan county in sichuan province 7.8 earthquake that caused thousands of casualties disaster to people in disaster areas a great deal of a student, though living thousands of miles away, can do little but still some things that we can and should do:

first of all, donations can, but must meet its own capacity to guarantee their own lives to the premise, if exceive contributions or additional work led to their own lives and learning be affected is wrong, should not be , the world is also not a single country can accurate and timely forecast earthquakes, not to accuse us of the experts, it is now we should unite most of the time, we should trust our government, our soldiers, medical personnel, public information who are struggling in the front line, we should do most of their strong , as a student, we should always remember our own identity, we are chinese, our words and deeds on behalf of our countrys image, for those who insult to our national honour of speech and practice, we have what we should do is to take the initiative and accurate expreion to the reality and refute cool, radical words and deeds will only they will not feel that the quality of the y and most important point: each in their own posts and do a good job in a matter within their own is also a contribution to the disaster students, our countrys purpose is to serve the motherland and the future, our most important task is to learn, facing such a catastrophe, we should turn grief into strength, and more efforts to study the future development of the technology, the economic prosperity of the us surmount, united as one, prayed for the people of disaster areas, i believe the chinese government and the communist party, the motherland and people join hands to tide over this difficult ng money on campus 1. 如今校园里经常会出现大学生捐款的现象(为同学或者别人)2. 你怎么看待这种现象?


recently many university students launch spontaneous donations for helping clamates suffering from serious illnees or victims in with the behavior of donating, the donation amount has become a controversial even hold the opinion that the amount is a standard for measuring more amounts are donated, the more help the needed can get.i support that donation for the needed is a kind of behavior which shows kind giving, unselfish and pricele devotion, benefiting in improving interpersonal relationship and building up a harmonious matters a lot is not how much money is donated, but the care and support hidden in all, the behavior of donation itself should be encouraged, but it shouldn’t become a money donated cannot be equated with the love and the meaning penny is an expreion of love.“五一二”抗震救灾捐款 :

may 12 afternoon, wenchuan county, sichuan in the great earthquake of 7.8, this earthquake is not only a bad earthquake cities, one was very beautiful city turned into a ruin, also near the villages zhende qilingbala, few schools are no exception, the many dead and injured thousands of casualties and major property valentines love disaster, a difficult one p plus earthquake relief, we felt the warmth of the socialist family, from the leadership of the cpc central committee to the civilian population are qianchangguadu, all sides have extended the hand of friendship, the people in disaster areas have shown great care for the people, all kinds of an endle stream of relief supplies to disaster areas, all kinds of rescue forces in front-line rescue people, all kinds of medical teams have arrived in the disaster areas, the tension started the rescue r wen jiabao hard work of state leaders, in person at the front line of disaster, to personally head the rescue combatants, personally condolences to the bereaved people, the scene is very have also seen people in the disaster areas, under the leadership of the cpc central committee turn grief into strength, rose disaster, courageous and self-help spirit of solidarity to help each other of moving scene we also launched the school disaster relief contributions to the call, everyone in the teachers, principals, led by the enthusiastic manner donations, the students have donated 2.50, and some donated one yuan, and some donated five yuan, 10 yuan, more than 100 yuan , no matter how many have shown their love and compaion of a

we believe that the people have the support of the disaster areas have become self-reliant spirit of the people, not destroy earthquake disaster areas the peoples confidence and courage, no difficulties can be overcome, the disaster areas people will be able to tide over their difficulties and rebuild their homes, victory will belong to the people of a strong disaster area!

中文 :





what should we do

watching the program of earthquake in the television,tears cover my face and my heart ia need our help,so there is a problem that as a middle school student,what should we do? first,we can encourage them from the sorrowful of losing family ,sending money seems is the only thing that we can only ,we should support our friends or our parents to care about the sichuan the last,we can hold some activty about the earthquake so that make more people know the earthquake and help the people who lost their is all i know what we should do.②


watching the program of earthquake in the television,tears cover my face and my heart ia need our help,so there is a problem that as a middle school student,what should we do? first,we can encourage them from the sorrowful of losing family ,sending money seems is the only thing that we can only ,we should support our friends or our parents to care about the sichuan the last,we can hold some activty about the earthquake so that make more people know the earthquake and help the people who lost their is all i know what we should do.③


there are a lot of children who live needy area dont have chance of we need to donate money for a lot money also can help them to go to aet le snack and save some is nothing for you ,but it is very important for do it you will be rapied soon!dear friends,as some of you may know,lucy,a lovely girl student,a junior from the department of fine arts,has been seriously fact,she has been suffering from hepatitis, which is very 20-year-old girl comes from a small town in shangdong family has tried every means to save lucy is in urgent need of operation to her liver r, her family is too poor to afford the expenses, which totaled 120,000 can a poor family earning 1000 yuan per month afford such high expenses? but the time is cannot afford to wait to see the disease you help is urgently ’s do what we can to save our fellow life of such a lovely girl is in your love can save a can contact 2335648 in the daytime and 2335658 at night.08年英语四六级时事作文(关于今年的地震的英语作文)预测试题1.1为了支援四川地震灾区,学生会组织全体同学进行捐款捐物;



4.所捐钱款和物资将会上交给中国红十字基金会(chinese red cro foundation)

dear all students,in order to support earthquake-stricken areas in sichuan, student union intends to organize a donation program and expects donation from all of can donate money or you would like to donate money, please put your money into the donation box at the entrance to teaching building volunteer students are available there to offer help if you would like to donate clothes, quilts or others, please bring them to our stand in front of the college donation program will be held between 11:00 and 14:00, tomorrow and the day after the donated money and materials will be collected in order and submitted to chinese red cro foundation as soon as behalf of student union, we formally call on all students to make contribution and help people in earthquake areas rebuild their home and restore their normal t union


directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on should write at least 150 words according to the outline given below in chinese: 1.很多大学生都做志愿者工作,如奥运志愿者、救灾志愿者等 2.做志愿工作对于社会的贡献


it is prevalent that a large number of college students are involved in kinds of volunteering work such as olympic volunteering services and volunteering aid to earthquake-stricken specific jobs include language service, medical service or even some specialized eering makes great contribution to one hand, in case of any big event such as hosting olympic games, human resource is surely in great er a volunteer can do is helpful for the the other hand, volunteering can make people friendlier to each other and only in this way can we build up a harmonious ts can also reap great benefit from volunteering ts can improve their communicative skills and teamwork ’s more, students can broaden their horizon by meeting people from all walks of life and even all over the world.预测试题三(四六级都要重点看)

directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a letter to children in earthquake-stricken should write at least 120 words according to the outline given below in chinese: 1.表示慰问和关心:如身体状况,家庭状况





dear children, we are so shocked and sad to know about the earthquake which struck your hometown on it took place one month ago, you may still be living under its are sincerely wondering whether it is fine with you and your as the disaster is, people from all over the country show great concern for you.a large number of pla came to rescue you, your family and friends;countle doctors and nurses came to offer first aid;and numerous volunteers came to offer their all the above help, please try your best to come out of any poible depreion and work hard fact, many famous people achieved succe after great defeat or personal example, beethoven is totally deaf but he composes quite a lot of famous pieces;another example is zhanghaidi, who is disabled but wrote her own book and inspired a generation of chinese , as long as you overcome your current difficulties, you are sure to succeed in future.预测试题四(六级同学重点看)

directions: for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition based on the following should write at least 150 words according to the outline given below in chinese:

total subway rail

1990 2000 2008

china 60km 200km 800km

france 1000km 1100km 1100km

japan 600km 700km 700km

描述图表的变化 说明变化的原因 预测未来的变化

from the table, we can easily find that china’s construction of subway rail is booming compared with that of other 1990, china owned only 60 km of subway rail, which is only one tenth of that of in 2000, china more than tripled its subway rail kilometers but france and japan only slightly extended their 2008, china has surpaed japan by 100 km and came quite close to conspicuous reasons can account for this one hand, chinese subway construction is developing fast during the past till now, subway services are available in 6 cities and subway lines in two others are also under the other hand, subway construction in other countries such as france and japan has obviously slowed down due to their mature and sufficient subway in my opinion, china is expected to continue extending its subway system by building more meters of rail and adding more new subway future, subway system will definitely benefit urban population and tourists as well.预测试题五(四六级都看)

for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic of “athletics sports or ma sports?”.you are supposed to write 150 words based on the outline given below in chinese.1.近十年来,中国的竞技体育发展迅猛;




athletics sports 大众体育:ma sports

in the past decade, chinese athletics sports have been 1996 atlanta, china won 16 gold medals;in 2000 china won 28 gold medals in sydney and in 2004 athens, china won of this shows that china is playing an increasing important role in international r, many people have doubt about hold the view that development of ma sports is more important than athletics one hand, ma sports can contribute to the physical well-being of all the other hand, athletics sports do cost a lot of my opinion, both are equally ics sports can boost national spirit and signify the improvement of the overall national sports can advocate the importance of physical health and bring practical benefit to only by developing both can china be a real power in sports.预测试题六(都看)

for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic of “benefits brought by olympics 2008”.you are supposed to write at least 150 words based on the outline given below in chinese.1.




beijing, china is to host the 29th olympic games in the coming is the first time for china to host such a historical event and it is surely the pride of all chinese c games can bring about various benefits to y, hosting olympic games can boost the development of chinese athletics sports since china is eager to win more gold medals than ever ly, beijing has sped up its urban construction by adding more stadiums, extending subway rail, building new airports but not the least, the government calls for all citizens to be a polite host and this can improve national moral standard.i am sure olympic game in beijing will be the greatest one in history and let’s keep fingers croed and embrace the great date: august, 8, 2008.预测试题七(四级同学重点看)

for this part, you are allowed 30 minutes to write a composition on the topic of “changes in my hometown”.you are supposed to write at least 150 words based on the outline given below in chinese.1.简要介绍家乡的地理位置和历史


描绘10年前的家乡状况 3.描绘如今的家乡状况 4.变化的原因

my hometown is beijing, capital of lies in the northwestern china and ranks one of the biggest cities in terms of urban construction, population and economic development g 10 years ago was quite that time, environment was quite air was dirty, the sky grey, the streets noisy and people was difficult to take a bus since there were too many people waiting to get on now, beijing has taken on a new 3 new subway lines, people find commuting is much easier and more comfortable than ever ile, with the improvement in environment protection, air is fresh and the sky is blue this change may be ascribed to our preparation for olympic really want to be a qualified host and we have been doing our short, i am confident that beijing will be a much better city in china, even in the whole world.预测之八:(地震引发的思考)众人拾柴火焰高 1 如何理解众人拾柴火焰高 2 举例说明

all contributing to it, the flame is high “all contributing to it, the flame is high” is an old proverb which almost everyone knows, but not all understand it so ly, it means that there is strength in it simply, individual’s power and ability is too weak to perform a huge r, just as a number of streams converge into a vast ocean, so a team’s strength may be great enough to remove a saying also carries the meage that cooperation and coordination are neceary, particularly in the modern be sure, everybody has his own disadvantage and limited ing efforts can overcome this and make it poible to realize one’s own greatest is therefore that efficiency and capacity are enhanced in this ,something can be achieved which seems otherwise most notable example is boeing plane production.a plane is composed of 10,000 almost every part is produced by different country, then aembled by is impoible without , where there is a unity, where there is victory.预测之九:你的同学liming的父母得知你家房屋在地震中倒塌,写信邀请你暑假随同liming 回家。你写一封回信1表示感谢2告知你的打算

dear aunt,i would like to thank you very much for your cordially invitation that i go together with liming back to you home during the summer it is very kind of you to have such consideration for my situation at the terrible period of my i am afraid that i will not go to stay with is true that my house collapsed during the earthquake.i have no place to live for the time at the thought of thousands of homele people, i am determined to make use of my vacation to be a volunteer in the distreed area.i hope i can comfort those who are more unfortunate than me, or i can temporarily teach primary school students, even i can use my body and strength to be a construction , i will go there to see if i can be of aistance in whatever excuse me for not accepting your you again






























爱心捐款心得体会分享350 爱心捐款心得体会分享350 xx年4月20日,四川省雅安市芦山县发生级地震,灾区好多同学家的房屋都倒塌了,学校停止了上课。4月25日我们学校组织了雅安地震捐款义卖会。




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爱心捐款心得体会分享350 们在一起。







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爱心捐款心得体会分享350 啊,快看!漫天大雪在飞舞,它们是那么美丽,却又那么无情。祖国的南方早已是冰雪连天。有的地方已经十几天没电,没吃,没交通,几十年来中国罕见的一场雪灾让南方的人们饱受了冰寒地冻。每天吃完晚饭,我们大家都聚集到电视机旁,全神贯注地收听着新闻联播报导南方灾情。听完一个个新闻报导,我的心悬了起来。我们这里是阳光明媚,他们那里却是大雪纷飞。我们已经背上书包,开开心心上学了,他们的小朋友却还在停课在家,与冰雪作战。我们应该伸出援手。他们多么需要我们的帮助!第二天早上,王老师便号召我们帮灾区的小朋友们捐款,向灾区的小朋友们表达我们的一片心意。我们纷纷掏出自己的零花钱,用我们自己的行动,表达我们的爱心。


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推荐访问:心得体会 捐款 四篇 捐款心得体会100字(四篇) 捐款心得体会100字(四篇) 捐款的心得体会100字